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"The Centerpiece Marketplace"

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 a great  Showcase place for "entertainers" too

    Scheduled  Event Spaces

Fixed Facility Location Spaces ( see link)


         Vendor Spaces - for Scheduled  Events

Events Indoors Rates

View Space Floor Plan

Rate are for All Day Event - Per Day Rate

Food Provider Department of Health Form

Enjoy the convenience

Registration payment options

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We Accept Mail In Registrations

Payment  Type Accepted  - "Money Orders  - Checks Ok"  -  include with any mail in registrations. - or pay by credit card /debit and include payment confirmation number to Registration form.

We make it easy for you

Events Indoors Rates

Standard  Space  Measurement : 10X10 $
Premium Spaces    
End Cap Space- (Special)    
Hot Food / Beverage / Snack ( no indoors fire cooking) Designated Area  

(when viewing Indoors rates, please note for indoors facility rates may vary depending on location and actual number of spaces)

 Events Outdoors Rates

Rate are for All Day Event - Per Day Rate

Premium Space ( Section A) Double Wide =2 car space $72
Standard  Space  Single Wide = 1 car space $46 
Hot Food / Beverage / Snack ( All food Vendors) Designated Areas ( reduced)   $86
End Cap - Premium Double spaces- = 2 car space $100.00
Motor Cycles / ATV / Jet Ski 2 per space  $40 ( minimum space requirement apply)
Auto Dealership ( sponsor special avail)   space available ( Agreement package )
Recreational Vehicles - Motor Homes Select Area $75  ( minimum space requirement apply)
Boats ( standard)   Party boat size- use RV Space Select Area $56  ( minimum space requirement apply)
Large Truck Sales Select Area $75 ( minimum space requirement apply)
Vendor Carts ( small size) - Non-Food Designated Area  $65.00

(prices subject to change ) *

Spaces may not be switched  with other vendors, No subletting 

Shopper "Enjoy Swap Meets"  for the discounts and low prices they can find..  " Your Success "equals" to your ability to  Provide Low Prices and Good Value

Electrical Fees

( some areas may not be suitable for electrical service )

Request must be made at time of Booth Purchase or same date Rate will apply, if add request is made

Power to your space

Standard power   $18.

  High power  $22

 Night electrical service ( must discuss)  ( must discuss )  
Same day electrical request ( must discuss)  ( must discuss ) Electrician Rate are high, please request early.
Power usage

 high usage will access a fee

 Rate based on usage by Facility owners  

( Due to electrician cost- Late orders have addition fee)


 On-site Rental

Available on Request  

( only 6 available)

 For use in outside area.

Large Tents


For use in outside area


 Round  Or  Rectangular


We will work to make more tents  and other items available for Rental - starting in Jan. 2009

Reserved Sales Items
Portable Generators
Trash Guidelines 

Indoors Guidelines

Wholesale Product Distributor  List


1 mo. Marketplace ( Gen) Vendor Cert 5.50
1 Day Marketplace (Gen) Vendor Cert 3.50
1 mo Marketplace (F&B) Vendor Cert 9.00
1 Day Marketplace (F&B) Vendor Cert 5.50
1 day Marketplace

 Cert for Youth Groups


Our Certificates have no relation to any City, State or Federal permits.

Our certificate's are solely for Vendors who Participate in our Marketplace - Our Certification does not imply nor consent nor agree to accept or to assume any liability of any vendor under any circumstances for any reason. These Certification are not related to any City, Parish, State or Federal Certifications. 

They are "Authorized Participants Certification" Only


  Our Certificate Policy 

Assist us in Managing Our Program and Promoting it as First Rate     

    "Professional Environment"

Before Certificates  are issued, we  require all to read  

 Abide by our Code of Conduct.

  Member Agrees to our 'Swap Meet Agreement"

A stamped Certificate will be issued to Each Member, 

Member may select the term of Permit, i.e. one event, one month

        Detail Info


What a Great Program


I love it !!!

 Become A Vendor

"Guidelines " Read It "  It will provide many answers to various questions - feel free to call us if you have more questions.

Outdoors / Indoors

Registrations Form Package

Food Provider

Department of Health Form

Louisiana Department of Health Website

Please Include these documents with your Mail in or drop off registration

  ( We Accept - Checks - Money Order  - Visa-MasterCard -Discover -Pay Pal )

Mail To

P.O. Box 8022

Shreveport, LA. 71129

Enjoy the Convenience and Security
Solution Graphics

Quick and Easy

Space Rental List
Vendor Frequency - Plan

Payment page will read  

Real Life Expressions LLC

Vendor Payment


Please Include your Confirmation Number on Your Registrations Form Package

once you have the confirmation number inserted on the form

You can submit your registration form via


With all documents signed


via Email


 Sign documents at Event check-in

You are responsible to get  any required State & City permits 

 Submit copy to Centerpiece-Presentations

Always Bring Your Permits to all Events you participate as a Vendor

Permits must be current


Food Vendors must have and maintain a professional environment in both appearance-health and sanitary condition

Food Vendors are not allowed to sell or give away Alcoholic Beverages



"I Agree" 


MSWord  ( version)  Hold Harmless  Agreement     Adobe PDF  ( version)  Hold Harmless Agreement


We have Great Security - With the assistance of Shreveport Police - and We will have additional roving Security  -  Managed and controlled access to the Grounds - Its designed as vendor safe and family friendly Marketplace. 

All City Laws and  Ordinance Will Be Upheld and Enforced

Relax and Enjoy "A Unique" Experience

If You Require Portable Generators - Please See Guidelines and Regulations - 

( Generator use Request Form)

A service fee will be assessed of $5.00 Per Generator

Vendor will be liable for any damage of any type caused by their Unit, and any fees, in case of Fire Department, these charges will be paid directly to the Fire department and a copy of payment made and receipt from Fire Department, must be provided to Centerpiece-Presentations, as verification that expense/debt has been sufficiently settled and confirmed.

" You are Liable for your generate, its use and any and all concerns related to you and your generator, no exceptions"

(all locations will not be able to utilize generators fire-Security and Hazard must be and will be Our First Priority Concern - In designated Areas, we will make these provision based on ease of accessibility for Fire and emergency personnel  and to limit exposure to other vendors of potential issues. )

Generators cannot produce "smoke' nor emit toxic fumes that pollute heavily the event, and there must be quality noise suppression mufflers used must meet EPA Standards.

Event  FORMS  

  Remember ... The CUSTOMER is your Greatest Asset - Give them a smile and greet them with a Welcoming Spirit, and "THANK YOU is always appreciated


Read  The Centerpiece Marketplace Guidelines .

Mail in Registrations Form Package

Be sure mail is timely processed to be received and reviewed , We must receive payment no less than two weeks. preceding the Event you are registering for.   When mail in process is utilize, and confirmed,  your location, will be assigned, and you will get a confirmation e-mail.  Certificate Issuance - is done in person.  We must receive a copy of or view you or your designated representatives "picture'  Driver license - to issue our certificate.  If you send a designated representative, they must check in - present their original drivers license, and be confirmed to obtain the permit. No  vendor access  without  The Centerpiece Marketplace Certificate.

Safety First - Always

Vehicle and Products Subject to Inspection

Releasing Centerpiece-Presentations / Real Life Expressions LLC. from any and all liability for you and your actions and indemnity agreement, Holding Harmless Centerpiece-Presentations /Real Life Expressions, and all of it's representatives including but not limited to the Facility owners. 

Please be informed, you are responsible  for your products, services, venue engagements and actions,  and the result that any of your actions, products, services or any act caused by your and your participation within this event. You must know, and understand, you are responsible for actions of any agent or representation employed or engaged in the employ of any  and all of your concerns, as well as any employees they may engage or employ in and on your behalf as the vendor of the signed agreement..  this agreement is mandatory, It designates, without exception, that you accept liability for any and all damage and/or injury caused to property and/or customers, by your services, products or actions, there are no exceptions to this requirement, within this declaration.  Your agreement and signature on the Agreement is your acceptance of these terms.     

  We do not provide individual personal liability coverage to vendors, nor participants, by any term, or any means.  we will however, make every effort, to inspect compliance to our general standards, and what is required by our general facility liability, to insure we meet with the standards of our policy and the regulations of the Event venue owner, as well as maintain our operations within the status of city regulations and city and state  laws.

Operating Procedures, including fees, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

We try to keep the prices low, to improve the opportunity for all - we ask that everyone please respect the boundary lines of each other, anyone using music, their music volume, is limited to the space they occupy, it must not be heard invading another vendors space - any violators will be asked to respect this option, repeat violators will be asked to leave with no refund policy in full effect.  if your customers need to listen to your music, please we ask that you provide - headphone for the customers listening pleasure.

This policy will be strictly enforced  - your respectful cooperation is appreciated.
General Winter schedule is for "Indoors Events" , as Weather permits we will use a combination of Indoors and Outdoors, based on vendor support, and vendor needs

If you have special needs, please discuss them with us

RESTRICTED ITEMS    It is the intention of the Enterprise that the marketplace will offer a wide variety of  items that are of interest to the purchasing community. The Enterprise also follows all state, county, and city rules and regulations governing Swap Meets and general business practices when considering restricting items for sale. The Enterprise reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any items that it determines inappropriate. Products that are deemed to be inappropriate and possibly detrimental to the success of the Swap Meet will be considered to be “restricted items”. Items are placed on restriction to help balance the environment of the Swap Meet.
Example: medicinal items ( prescription products, etc.)  firearms, ammunition, volatile chemicals, illegal-type knives and weapons, drug-related paraphernalia, pornographic/nudity items, and (animals/livestock = see agreement)
No services may be offered or sold on premise such as full body massage, Lap dancing related . No distribution of flyers or handouts is permitted other than what may be contained within the selling space of the seller as promotion material for their products being sold in their area( without approval).  No generators allowed without Marketplace Administration approval.
  Music   must be confined to the volume only suitable for your space, your music cannot dominate or intrude on other vendors, no Adult Rap or other Adult oriented material  ( please- it is REQUIRED THAT YOU provide headphone for your customers if you sell this music)... any violations will result in your space being closed and you will escorted from the Event. and repeat incident at future Event will result in you being banned from future events. No Refund of any type will be awarded. 
If there are any questions  of uncertainty about the merchandise you are selling, please contact Swap Meet Administration.
  Tarps All canopies and tarps must have 25-pound weights on all vertical poles.  "during heavy wind or depending on weather conditions, will require addition rules and standards to be met. ( We will require to comply with City, Parish and State guidelines)  Trash Boxes and cartons should be emptied and then folded and taken with you. You are responsible for your own trash.    ( see details) . Subleasing Spaces may not be subleased. (Subleasing – selling or giving your space to another person. without prior approval)   Space Purchase- Refund Policy All Sales are final. No refunds, No credits or rain checks are given.   Space Sales are Final .  Auto Parts No Fuel to of any type to be  sold / No leaking parts / Vehicle parts will be restricted to a designated section. Area will be inspected at close of Swap Meet Auto Sales This will be limited to designated section, Dealer slot and usage is first come first served.  Rates are discussable based on space needs. 1 ea.  10X10 tent can be set up for free, along with space rental.       larger tents.. can be discussed in terms and agreement arrangements. 


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Forms that list or have the words  "Swap Meet", means the Same as "Centerpiece Market". -  "Centerpiece Market" is a 'Swap Meet Style Market Presentations'  


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